St. Michael Prayer Beads, the beads are gold with a twine tassel at the end and the other end is a silver painted cross.

St. Michael Prayer Beads | Gold/Silver

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Carry faith and protection with you: St. Michael Prayer Beads

Embrace the strength and guidance of St. Michael the Archangel with these beautiful prayer beads. Handcrafted with a touch of elegance, these beads feature:

    • Golden beads: Each bead imbued with a warm, celestial glow, reflecting the power and light of St. Michael.
    • Twine tassel: Adds a touch of earthy charm and symbolizes grounding during prayer or reflection.
    • Silver-painted cross: A constant reminder of faith and the sacrifice made, offering comfort and strength.
    • Compact size: Measuring 2" x 0.7" x 24", these beads slip easily into a pocket or purse, allowing you to carry your faith wherever you go.

More than just an accessory:

St. Michael Prayer Beads are more than just adornment. They serve as a powerful reminder of the ever-present protection and guidance offered by St. Michael, the warrior angel. Use them for:

    • Prayer and meditation: Recite the St. Michael prayer or other devotions while fingering the beads for focus and grounding.
    • Seeking strength and courage: Call upon St. Michael's intercession in times of difficulty or challenge.
    • Gifting with meaning: Share the gift of faith and protection with loved ones.

Order your St. Michael Prayer Beads today and experience the comfort and strength that comes with carrying a symbol of your faith close to your heart.